Hero images of Black Joy. Together, we are committed to using our skills to build resources that help educate and empower citizens to end police brutality.

Breathing Room is a new volunteer creative coalition that creates space for Black people to live without limits through art, design, and activism.

We can’t ignore our current reality, but we can collectively change it. Breathing Room is a new creative coalition dedicated to designing and amplifying unconventional solutions that propel Black progress. And today, we need that more than ever.


Director: Joshua kissi Cinematographer: Michael "Cambio" Fernandez Animator: @therealsalih Lighting : Bnickleberry Poet: Jessica Rycheal Designer: Mrjmama Stylist: Andre michaelw Producers: Korthavens & Sarah Madelyn Executive producer: Sbiu Music : Ta-ku • "Night 24" Vocal engineering: Sango

Room to Breathe